Sunday, November 9, 2008

Alkenes - Revision Facilitator

Alkenes Introduction



Methods of Preparation

Partial reduction of alkynes

Dehydrohalogenation of alkyl halides.

Dehalogenation of vicinal dihalides (dihalogen compounds)

Dehydration of alcohols

Kolbe's electrolytic method (alkenes from salts dicarboxylic acids)

Preparation of alkenes by elimination reactions

Alkenes - Physical properties

1. State

2. Melting points

3. Boiling points

4. Dipole moments

5. Solubility

Alekenes Chemical Properties

Electrophilic addition reactions

Halogen acids
Hypohalous acid
Sulphuric acid


Hydroboration oxidation
Potassium permanganate - cold and hot
Catalytic oxidation
Reaction with Ozone


of ethene
of vinyl chloride
of styrene
of tetrafluoroethylene

Replacement reactions.

Addition of sulphuric acid

Acidity of alkenes

Acid catalysed hydration of alkenes

Reactions of alkenes with KMnO4

Reactions of Alkenes with Ozone

Reduction of Alkenes

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Coordination Compounds - Revision Facilitator

Try to recollect relevant points on the topic and if required right click on the topic if link is given and open in a new window to read the relevant material. Close the window and come back.

1. Werner's Coordination Theory

2. Coordination Compounds - Important Terms

3. Nomenclature of Coordination Compounds

4. Isomerism in Coordination Compounds

5. Bonding in Coordination Compounds

6. Bonding in Metal Carbonyls

7. Stability of Coordination Compounds

8. Importance and Applications of Coordination Compounds