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Good Websites for topic Solid State - Chapter Two in Jauhar

Oxford Video on Crystal Structure
09. Geometry of Solids I: Crystal Structure in Real Space

Future use of the material in this topic

The material is solid state is further useful in the topic of Solid State Electronics - Semiconductors

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Lecture 1. Fundamental Aspects of Solids & Sphere Packing.

1. Why Study Solids?

2. Some crystallographic ideas

lattice (lattice types)
motif (basis)
crystal structure
unit cell (counting atoms in unit cells)
fractional coordinates
coordination number

3. Representations of structures

Perspective (Clinographic)
Projection (Plan) diagrams

4. Close-Packing of spheres

hexagonal close packing (hcp)
cubic close packing (ccp)

5. Structures of metallic elements

6. Interstitial sites in close-packed arrangements

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