Sunday, July 6, 2008

Laws of Chemical Combination

1. Law of conservation of mass

During any physical or chemical change, the total mass of the products is equal to the total mass of reactants.

2. Law of constant proportions

A pure chemical compound always contains same elements combined together in the same definite proportion by weight.

3. Law of multiple proportions

When two elements combine to form two or more than two compounds, the weights of one of the elements which combine with a fixed weight of the other, bear a simple whole number ratio.

4. Law of reciprocal proportions

When two different elements combine separately with the same weight of a third element, the ratio in which they do so will be the same or some simple multiple of the ratio in which they combine with each other.

5. Gay Lussac’s law of combing volumes

Under similar conditions of temperature and pressure, whenever gases react together, the volumes of the reacting gases as well as products (if gases) bear a simple whole number ratio.


nikhita said...

can you explain how to apply them too?

KVSSNrao said...


Can you please join Orkut community IIT JEE Community. There we can explore the doubts in various chapters. Either I or other community members can come forward and explain the required things. That will reduce burden on me and more useful dialogue will take place.

KVSSNrao said...


I did not write the complete name of the community.

It is IIT JEE Academy. It is a community started by me.