Thursday, May 7, 2009

IIT JEE Memory Skills

I just located a book on memory skills in our library.

It is a book by World Book Inc. pub in 1986. the material is interesting. I shall write about the various techniques given in the books in future posts.

Memory by rote
Rote with no aids
Rote by rhythm and rhyme
Rote by tune
Rote with games
Rote and rewrite
Inside joggers
Mental pictures
Key words
Linked sentences
First-letter cues
memory pairs
Peg systems
Rhyming peg words
Alpha pegs
The Phonetic system
Phonetics and Peg words
Plotting points
points to write by
Points to speak by
Story chaining
Outside joggers
Flash cards
Cue cards

Math aids
Use your fingers
Use props
Marbles, Buttons, pebbles or pennies
Card board figures

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