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Chemistry Specific Topics Tested in IIT JEE 2009 Paper II

1. Migration of H and CH3 groups in intermediate reaction compound when a positive carbon ion is present.

Migrating nature of H is more than CH3.

2. The spin only magnetic moment value

The spin only magnetic moment value (in Bohr magneton units) of Cr(CO)6 is -
(A) 0 (B) 2.84
(C) 4.90 (D) 5.92

Answer A

CO is a strong field ligand.

3. Stability order of resonance structures

The species with incomplete octet are less stable.

4. k = Ae(–Ea/RT)

For a first order reaction A→P, the temperature (T) dependent rate constant(k) was found to follow the equation logk = – (2000)(1/T) + 6.0
The pre-exponential factor A and the activation energy Eaa, respectively, are -

1.0 × 1066 s-1 and 38.3 kJ mol-1

5. Identifying bonding patterns and single and double bonds

The nitrogen oxide(s) that contain(s) N-N bond(s) is (are) -

(A) N2O (B) N2O3
(C) N2O4 (D) N2O5

Answer: A,B, and C

6. Sugars : Identifying reducing sugar and nonreducing sugar and glucosidic linkages in the given compounds

7. Identifying the amine in a given reaction

In the reaction
2X + B2H6 → [BH2(X)2]+ [BH4]-

amine (X) is (are)

8. Identifying state functions

Among the following, the state function(s) is (are)-
(A) Internal energy (B) Irreversible expansion work
(C) Reversible expansion work (D) Molar enthalpy

Answer A and D

9 Identifying the scope for spontaneous reaction

10. Reactions of metals with acids

Column I
(A ) Cu + dil HNO3
(B) Cu + conc HNO3
(C) Zn + dil HNO3
(D) Zn + conc HNO3

Matching is to be done with output of the reaction (various compounds)

11. Identifying compounds that are produced from given reactions

(p) Nucleopilic substitution
(q) Elimination
(r) Nucleophilic addition
(s) Esterification with acetic anhydride
(t) Dehydrogenation

Compounds are presented as line diagram format

12. coordination number

The coordination number of Al in the crystalline state of AlCl3 is –

13. Oxidation number
The oxidation number of Mn in the product of alkaline oxidative fusion of MnO2 is –

14. Emission of alpha and Beta particles in a nuclear reaction

The total number of α and β particles emitted in the nuclear reaction U[238,92]
→ Pb[214,82] is –

15. pH of a solution

The dissociation constant of a substituted benzoic acid at 25ºC is 1.0 × 10-4. The pH of a 0.01M solution of its sodium salt is –

16. organometallic compounds structure

The number of water molecule(s) directly bonded to the metal centre in CuSO4. 5H2O is –

17. Molecular weight and kinetic energy

At 400 K, the root mean square (rms) speed of a gas X (molecular weight = 40) is equal to the most probable speed of gas Y at 60 K. The molecular weight of the gas Y is -

18. Number of Isomers

The total number of cyclic structural as well as stereo isomers possible for a compound with the molecular formula C5H10 is-

19. Enthalpy of Combustion of Gas

In a constant volume calorimeter, 3.5 g of a gas with molecular weight 28 was burnt in excess oxygen at 298.0 K. The temperature of the calorimeter was found to increase from 298.0 K to 298.45 K due to the combustion process. Given that the heat capacity of the calorimeter is 2.5 kJ K-1, the numerical value for the enthalpy of combustion of the gas in kJ mol-1 is-

Answer 9

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