Tuesday, February 5, 2008

IIT JEE Revision - Ch.28 Carboxylic Acid - Core Points

JEE syllabus

Carboxylic acids:
Preparation, properties
Characteristic reactions
formation of esters,
acid chlorides and amides,
ester hydrolysis;
1. Carboxylic acids are the compound containing carboxyl group in their molecules.

-C with a double bond with oxygen and single bond with OH

2. These acides can be aliphatic or aromatic.

aliphatic acids:

Formic acid HCOOH
Acetic acid CH-3COOH
Isobutyric acid (Branched)

aromatic acids

Bezoic acid : H in benzene substituted by COOH

m-Nitrobenzoic acid: One more H substituted by NO-2

o-Toluic acid (o refers to ortho) Benzoic acid with one more H substituted by CH-3

3. Methods of Preparation of Monocarboxylic Acids:
1. From oxidation of primary alcohols
2. By oxidation of aldehydes and ketones.

Some more topics need to be covered

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