Saturday, October 20, 2007

IIT JEE Books Download

For downloading useful books for IIT JEE


How to Solve Physics Problems

Concepts in theoretical physics

rotational mechanics - notes and quiz

Fundamentals of Physics, 7th Edition - halliday resnick - solution manual

Good objective and subjective question on mechanics ?
Subjective Questions : Objective Questions :

Light and Matter - Physics Book

Mountain Motion - Amazing physics book

Learn Physics FASTER with HyperPhysics Maps

Kerala Physics book

Physics Question Bank and Online Tests

Amazing Physics Animations(mechanics,electricity,magnetism and optics)

Optics Book

Vectors - Concepts

Best Introduction on Projectile Motion

Mechanics Video Lectures from the BEST teacher in physics


Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
Book Description Written for the short course-where content must be thorough, but to-the-point, FUNDAMENTALS OF ORGANICCHEMISTRY, Fifth Edition...

Physical Chemistry: Understanding Our Chemical World
Physical Chemistry: Understanding our Chemical World is a gentle introduction to the principles and applications of physical chemistry. The book...

Organic Chemistry Demystified

fundamental handbook chemistry

Cool Periodic tables

Functional Group Reactions and Online Question Bank

Organic Chemistry - General Principles and question bank

Best way to learn atomic structure

Chemistry Dictionary - for quick reference

Build Solid Concepts in Chemistry

Modern Inorganic Chemistry Book

Conceptual Chemistry -3rd edition

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments (Rs.24000 book for free)

Organic Chemistry On-Line Learning Center - Nomenclature and useful concepts

Organic chemistry Online Question Bank and test engine

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