Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IIT JEE 2009 Study Strategy

If you are with a coaching institute, the institute will set the strategy. Cooperate with the institute and faculty totally.

If you are using postal coaching or studying on your own then you need to put in place your own strategy.

Plan to complete the complete syllabus by December 2008.

According to the scheme of syllabus that I am following

Physics has 47 lessons (HC Verma)
Chemistry has 34 lessons
Mathematichs has 27 lessons

If you have completed some lessons already you are at an advantageous position.

Otherwise you need a plan to complete 108 lessons in 8 months. (May to December 2008) That gives a figure of 13 to 14 lessons a month. A lesson in two days.Combine some lessons that you studied in the first year with some lessons in the second year in your plan.

At the end of two days you should be able to completely answer all the worked out problems related to the chapter.When you are going through the problems put a mark on the problems that you feel are difficult. You can go through them some more times to make them easy for you.

Every Sunday, you need to write a test on the three chapter that you studied in that week plus all the earlier chapters. Ask your parents to set up the test from the questions in the study guides that you are studying.If you bought some test paper series you can use that. I want to develop a set of model papers but I may not be able to do it this year.

Prepare a monthly plan of the chapters that you intend studying in that month and try to stick to it every week.

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