Monday, May 19, 2008

IIT JEE Blog Status

These days I am posting new things in Chemistry blog. I first completed chemistry adn then shifted my attention to Physics. I read both the books of physics of HC Verma, prepared consolidated JEE past question lists in some of the topics like thermal physics and modern physics.

I am presently reading mathematics chapters. I found R D Sharma comprehensive for theory of JEE syllabus. I have TMH maths also. Presently reading Sharma. I am posting section headings in various chapters of Sharma to facilitate recall of the material after study of a chapter. These posts are in Mathematics Practice sets blog.

I posted some concepts and formulas in regular maths blog


amar.bahadur said...

good job.....keep it up

KVSSNrao said...

Thank you

studyadda said...

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deoarshi said...

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Manas said...

Good information for IIT JEE Students.

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Deepak Negi said...

Yeah I do agree with studyadda now a days online tutoring has taken a new shape. You have better options of selecting your tutor, study time and place.