Tuesday, May 6, 2008

JEE 2010 Aspirants - Preparation Strategy

I started studying IIT JEE materials in May 2007. So far I studied the full material of Physics and Chemistry. In Mathematics I just studied the principles and I have to do some problems.

Of course I don't have to write the examination. I am doing the study to help my child (2009) and then children of my brothers and sisters.

According to my thinking,the decision to appear for JEE must be taken and preparation started right from the day, the X class examinations are over. The attitude must be to remember the materials learned in the X class. A revision of the X material after the examination will lay the firm foundation for JEE preparation.

May 2008 to December 2008 must be used to complete the entire syllabus of 11th class. Read the lessons in your XI class text and simultaneously read the material in JEE level texts that you buy. Approximately 3 lessons of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (one each) must be completed every 10 days. That way you can read 9 lessons a month. In eight months you can complete 72 lessons. As the books are written you may not have 24 chapters in every subject. But the chapters are very big and you can practically treat them as two chapters.

That will give you time to revise you XI material during January-April 2008. Will give you good amount of time to concentrate on Board examianations and other subjects in the course.

I have seen the coaching institutes giving an IIT examination every alternate Sunday. They are giving it for six hours right in the first year itself. I recommend a three hour examination every two weeks with cumulative syllabus in the first year. Every alternate week, a one and half examination could be there in one lesson each of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Prepare and write the examination conducted by your coaching institute enthusiastically. Your positive attitude right from the day one will help you immensely. Cooperate with your teachers. They know about the material and examination pattern a lot.

Even people who are taking postal coaching should follow this pattern. They should request their parents to organize the test for them every week. By requesting parents, one will put a monitor to himself to adhere to a time table.

How many one has to study: A general prescription is 10 hours a day. One can make an individual judgement with the overall constraint that you have to reach a level of having the ability to write an examination in the material that you have studied. You have to study 9 lessons every month. You divide the time in the ratio of 2:1 for CMP and other subjects.

Preparing a revision notes as you study is important because that will reduce the time spent by you in earlier lessons.

What are the recommended books?

I liked H C Verma for Physics

Dr. Jauhar for Chemistry

For Mathematics, I have Khanna, Dasgupta, Sharma and TMH. I am yet to study and decide which one is the most appropriate one.

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koyal said...

i am an iit aspirant for 2010.but givin 10hrs isnot happenin with college.could u plz help me with the timings given to each subject per day.

KVSSNrao said...

Dear Koyal

I thank you for bring this issue out. I personally would think 10 hours per day could include sitting in the class at the college or at the coaching class. That way managing 10 hours could be a feasible proposition.

The second thing I would like to point out is that every JEE successful candidate should feel as if he has made to the test team of India. Your success is equal to that success achieved by 16 to 20 persons in year. But around 5000 to 6000 people can achieve it in case of JEE. Put in the best possible effort to achieve that high level of performance.

Coming to individual subjects an equal allocation of time may be ok. But out of your available time, spare around 20% to the other subjects apart from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Make sure that you are always comfortable with them. Don't neglect them and come into pressure at any point of time.

All the best. Keep communicating your ideas at your convenience.

Prerita said...

i have cleared my Xth boards with 83%,Icse board..In march I was not at all interested in IIT-Jee exam so i did not go for coaching and all, but now i realised the value of IIT-Jee xam i wanna join coaching.i want to ask whether it is too late to join?Will i be benefitted if i join now?

KVSSNrao said...

Dear Prerita

I encourge you to join and make the effort. I think there is still plenty of time to learn and prepare. You know that you started the coaching late. So take personal responsibility to catch up by answering all the booklets that others have already answered so far by putting some extra effort as required compared to them.

All the best.

akash said...

i have just passed class 10th from cbse. i was not well for three month deu to which i have lost much time for priparation.Now september has comed and i havnt completed any portion of my course.can i crack iitjee in 2010 if yes how should i prepare for it.

KVSSNrao said...

Dear Akash

I shall advise people to prepare for IIT JEE on any day they get interested in. In your case the issue is that you were not well. You should start from today and do the effort. I advise everybody to join a coaching institute if they can afford the fee. Investment in coaching is worth the payment.

According to me 9 chapters for a month is possible and you have not studied 18 chapters. So plan to study one extra chapter every month and you can complete the course. May be you will get some extra time after XI exams and you can complete the backlog during that time.

Desire, Plan and belief make many things possible. go ahead and make the effort. It will make you a knowledgeble person.

All the best

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saurabh said...

hi i have a blog which provides information about iit jee u could give a link to it on ur web page

akash said...

helo ,i am akash preparing for iit jee 2010 but idonot utilise the precious time of class 11th .actually iread the lesson but not solve problems of the topics.
Please give me some suggestion how can i concentrate on my studies ,how can i solve the problems.
i am reading the book everytime but didnot concentrate onit,and give up .Another when istarted reading i read the 1st page which iread 20 times erlier.please give some suggestion.

KVSSNrao said...

Dear Akash

A strong commitment to a desired goal brings appropriate action. You need to come out with a daily target and unless you complete it you should not feel happy about the day. If it is a lesson that you studied already sometimes read it from the last page instead of the first page. You have to commit yourself to your desired daily output.

Anjali said...

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