Saturday, May 24, 2008

Intensive Study Diary

The time has come for intensive study. It means solving lots of problems.

Week ending 25th May Basic concepts in Chemistry - Mole concept, Stochiometry

Monday, May 19, 2008

IIT JEE Blog Status

These days I am posting new things in Chemistry blog. I first completed chemistry adn then shifted my attention to Physics. I read both the books of physics of HC Verma, prepared consolidated JEE past question lists in some of the topics like thermal physics and modern physics.

I am presently reading mathematics chapters. I found R D Sharma comprehensive for theory of JEE syllabus. I have TMH maths also. Presently reading Sharma. I am posting section headings in various chapters of Sharma to facilitate recall of the material after study of a chapter. These posts are in Mathematics Practice sets blog.

I posted some concepts and formulas in regular maths blog

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

IIT JEE Chemistry - Useful Books - Download

I found these two useful materials from today

Illustrated periodic table


Thursday, May 8, 2008

IIT JEE 2010 Chemistry Study Plan

Chapters to be completed from IIT JEE Syllabus during XI class (2008-09)

Chemistry Class XI Chapters (Maharashtra syllabus)

1. Some basic concepts of chemistry
2. States of matter
3. Atomic structure
4. Periodic table
5. Redox reactions
6. Chemical equilibrium
7. Adsorption
8. Nature of chemical bond
9. S-block elements
10. P-block elements
11. Principles and methods of purification of substances
12. Chemistry of carbon compounds
13. Alkanes
14. Alkenes
15. Alkynes
16. Aromatic compounds

Chapters to be completed from IIT JEE Syllabus during XI class (2008-09)

Gaseous, liquid and solid states
Atomic structure
Bonding and molecular structure
Chemical equilibrium
Surface chemistry
Non metals
Compounds of metals
Compounds of non metals
Organic chemistry – Nomenclature and isomerism

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IIT JEE 2009 Study Strategy

If you are with a coaching institute, the institute will set the strategy. Cooperate with the institute and faculty totally.

If you are using postal coaching or studying on your own then you need to put in place your own strategy.

Plan to complete the complete syllabus by December 2008.

According to the scheme of syllabus that I am following

Physics has 47 lessons (HC Verma)
Chemistry has 34 lessons
Mathematichs has 27 lessons

If you have completed some lessons already you are at an advantageous position.

Otherwise you need a plan to complete 108 lessons in 8 months. (May to December 2008) That gives a figure of 13 to 14 lessons a month. A lesson in two days.Combine some lessons that you studied in the first year with some lessons in the second year in your plan.

At the end of two days you should be able to completely answer all the worked out problems related to the chapter.When you are going through the problems put a mark on the problems that you feel are difficult. You can go through them some more times to make them easy for you.

Every Sunday, you need to write a test on the three chapter that you studied in that week plus all the earlier chapters. Ask your parents to set up the test from the questions in the study guides that you are studying.If you bought some test paper series you can use that. I want to develop a set of model papers but I may not be able to do it this year.

Prepare a monthly plan of the chapters that you intend studying in that month and try to stick to it every week.

JEE 2010 Aspirants - Preparation Strategy

I started studying IIT JEE materials in May 2007. So far I studied the full material of Physics and Chemistry. In Mathematics I just studied the principles and I have to do some problems.

Of course I don't have to write the examination. I am doing the study to help my child (2009) and then children of my brothers and sisters.

According to my thinking,the decision to appear for JEE must be taken and preparation started right from the day, the X class examinations are over. The attitude must be to remember the materials learned in the X class. A revision of the X material after the examination will lay the firm foundation for JEE preparation.

May 2008 to December 2008 must be used to complete the entire syllabus of 11th class. Read the lessons in your XI class text and simultaneously read the material in JEE level texts that you buy. Approximately 3 lessons of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (one each) must be completed every 10 days. That way you can read 9 lessons a month. In eight months you can complete 72 lessons. As the books are written you may not have 24 chapters in every subject. But the chapters are very big and you can practically treat them as two chapters.

That will give you time to revise you XI material during January-April 2008. Will give you good amount of time to concentrate on Board examianations and other subjects in the course.

I have seen the coaching institutes giving an IIT examination every alternate Sunday. They are giving it for six hours right in the first year itself. I recommend a three hour examination every two weeks with cumulative syllabus in the first year. Every alternate week, a one and half examination could be there in one lesson each of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Prepare and write the examination conducted by your coaching institute enthusiastically. Your positive attitude right from the day one will help you immensely. Cooperate with your teachers. They know about the material and examination pattern a lot.

Even people who are taking postal coaching should follow this pattern. They should request their parents to organize the test for them every week. By requesting parents, one will put a monitor to himself to adhere to a time table.

How many one has to study: A general prescription is 10 hours a day. One can make an individual judgement with the overall constraint that you have to reach a level of having the ability to write an examination in the material that you have studied. You have to study 9 lessons every month. You divide the time in the ratio of 2:1 for CMP and other subjects.

Preparing a revision notes as you study is important because that will reduce the time spent by you in earlier lessons.

What are the recommended books?

I liked H C Verma for Physics

Dr. Jauhar for Chemistry

For Mathematics, I have Khanna, Dasgupta, Sharma and TMH. I am yet to study and decide which one is the most appropriate one.

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