Thursday, May 21, 2015

12. s-Block Elements - JEE Main - Core Points for Revision

Importance of  Core Revision Points: Core Revision Points are important because if you remember them strongly, many more points related to them will come out of your memory and help you to answer question and problems. Read them many times and make sure you remember them very strongly.

Sections in Jauhar's Book

12.1 Abundance and Occurrence
12.2 Anomalous Properties of First Element in Each Group
12.3 Diagonal Relationship

Chemistry of Alkali Metals

12.4 Occurrence
12.5 General Characteristics of Alkali Metals
12.6 General Characteristics of Compounds of Alkali Metals
12.7 Anomalous Behavior of Lithium
12.8 Diagonal Relationship

Chemistry of Li and Na and Its Compounds

12.9 Occurrence of Lithium and Sodium
12.10 Extraction of Lithium and Sodium
12.11 Some Important Compounds of Sodium

Chemistry of Alkaline Earth Metals

12.12 Occurrence
12.13 General Characteristics of Alkaline Earth Metals
12.14 General Characteristics of Compounds of Alkaline Earth Metals
12.15 Differences between Beryllium and Magnesium
12.16 Diagonal Similarities of Beryllium and Aluminium
12.17 Occurrence of Magnesium
12.18 Compounds of Magnesium and Calcium
12.19 Industrial Uses of Limestone and Lime
12.20 Cement

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