Thursday, May 21, 2015

JEE Main - Core Points for Revision - Ch. 8. Equilibrium II – Ionic Equilibrium in Solutions

Importance of  Core Revision Points: Core Revision Points are important because if you remember them strongly, many more points related to them will come out of your memory and help you to answer question and problems. Read them many times and make sure you remember them very strongly.

Sections in the Chapter

8.1 Acid-base Concepts
8.2 Acid- base Equilibria and Ionization of Acids and Bases
8.3 Ionization of Water – Ionic Product of Water
8.4 Expressing Hydrogen Ion Concentration – pH Scale
8.5 Polyprotic Acids and Bases
8.6 Hydrolysis of Salts
8.7 Acid base Titrations and Indicators
8.8 Solubility Product
8.9 Buffer Solution

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