Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vision Kota JEE Model Paper

I liked the positive attitudes indicated by Vision Kota

Positive Attitudes for IIT JEE success


You should feel a need to know things—all kinds of things— just to know them. Knowledge does not require a reason. The question, “Why do you want to know that?” seems strange to you, but you should say, “Because I don’t know the answer.” Knowledge is enjoyable and often useful in strange and unexpected ways.
A wide ranging knowledge is necessary for you to really give IIT JEE a good attempt. Much knowledge arises from variations of a known or combinations of two known things and the best ideas flow from a well equipped mind. Nothing can come from nothing.

A belief that most problems can be solved.

By faith at first and by experience later on, you must believe that something can always be done to solve almost every problem. Problems are solved by a commitment of time and energy, and where this commitment is present, nothing is impossible.
The belief in the solvability of problems is especially useful early in solving any problem, because many problems have a covered deceptive face and may scare you. Analyze the Problem, Break it into simple components and then attempt. The result is a wonderful perfect solution you are looking for. Those who face the problem with confidence will be the ones most likely to think through or around the problem and reach at the core of solution.

Problems are interesting and emotionally acceptable.

You must see problems as interesting challenges worth tackling. Problems are not fearful beasts to be feared or loathed; they are worthy opponents to be jousted out and unhorsed. Problem solving is fun, educational, rewarding, ego building, helpful to you.


Most students fail because they spend only limited time on a problem that requires more time to solve. You must be committed for hard work and put in laborious efforts in terms of time and energy. There is no quick and easy secret. You need knowledge gained by study and problem solving and you must put your knowledge to work by hard thinking.

YOu can download a model paper from

The key to the question paper is also there.

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