Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alcohols - physical Properties

A. Physical state: the lower members are colourless liquids and have a characteristic smell and burning taste.

The higher members(with more than 12 carbons) are colourless wax like solids.

B. Solubility: The lower members are highly soluble in water.

Amongst isomeric alcohols, the solubility increases with branching.

C. Alcohols exists associated molecules due to intermolecular hydrogen bonds.

D. Boiling points: The lowers members have low boiling points.
With the increase in molecular weight, the boiling points keep on increasing gradually.

e. Density: Generally alcohols are lighter than water.

Density of alcohols increases with molecular mass.

F. Alcohols have intoxicating effects.

Methanol is poisonous.
Ethanol is used for drinking purposes.

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