Friday, February 8, 2008

IIT JEE Revision

Formation of esters
Esters are compounds which are formed when the hydroxy hydrogen atom in oxygen acids is replaced by an alkyl group. The acid may be organic or inorganic.

Esters of organic acid:
These are compounds formed by replacing the hydrogen atom of the carboxyl group by an alkyl group.

In -COOH of carboxylic acids H is replaced by an alkyl group.

It may be represented as R-COOH-R'.

Acetic acid + Ethanol ---> Ethyl acetate (Ethyl ethanoate) + water

Ethyl acetate (Ethyl ethanoate) is ester CH3COOC2H5

When a carboxylic acid is heated with an alcohol in presence of dehydrating agent like concentrated sulphuric acid , it gives an ester.

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