Saturday, February 2, 2008

IIT JEE Revision Kohlrausch's Law

Kohlrausch's Law on the independence of migrating ions: The molar conductivity of an electrolyte equals the sum of the molar conductivities of the cations and the anions; n = number of anions or cations.

Λ = v+Λ+ + vˉΛˉ

According to this law, the molar conductance of infinite dilution for a given salt can be expressed as the sum of the contributions from each ion of the electrolyte. If molar conductivity of the cation is denoted by Λˉ and anion by Λ+,and vˉ and v+ are number of cations and anions respectively, total molar conductance will be given by Λ.


1. Calculation of molar conductance at infinite dilution for weak electrolytes
2. Calculation of degree of dissociation of weak electrolytes

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